Welcome to the Judiciary of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Our mission is to serve the public by providing access to an independent, efficient, fair and effective system of justice.

Welcome message from the Chief Justice

Welcome to the website of the Judiciary of Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Judiciary exists to serve you by providing access to quality justice. We hope that this website will help you better access the services of the courts by providing information on how to transact business at the court. Information provided here include how to commence a suit, pay a fine, serve as a juror, access legal aid, lodge an appeal, among other things.

Court Forms may also be accessed on the website.

To enable your virtual observance and participation in a hearing, we have provided links to livestreaming of court sittings.

We aim to bring justice to your doorstep, and it is our hope that when you need to access our services, you will find our offices welcoming, and our courtrooms places of safety where you will seek justice with confidence.

Please engage with us, should you find our service below expectation. We have for this purpose, provided a place on this website for your complaints and concerns to be heard. Please use the secure feedback menu. Your complaints/concerns will be dealt with by the appropriate office while ensuring your privacy.

We also welcome feedback on how to improve this website.

Many thanks for visiting our website, we hope you will find it helpful in providing the information you seek.

The Hon Mrs Justice Mabel Agyemang
Chief Justice


The purpose of the TCI Judicial Edication Institute is to bolster, through access to training and sensitization programmes, the capacity and service delivery of our judicial officers and court staff.

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The mission of the TCI Legal Information Institute is to ensure that legal practitioners and the public have free access to legal material necessary to advance and inform the protection of their legal rights.

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