Court Calendar

Court Calendar


In accordance with S. 3 of the Supreme Court (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 which substitutes a new S. 15 for the Principal Ordinance; and in accordance with S. 3 of the Court of Appeal (Amendment) Ordinance which introduces S.20A into the Principal Ordinance, the following mechanism for the arrangement of the Supreme Court/Court of Appeal Calendar is set out:


    1. The First Term of the Court’ Calendar will commence on the 4th of January each year after a Christmas recess which will begin on the 23rd of December of each year.

    2. The First Term will end on the Thursday before Easter.

    3. The Second Term will commence after the Easter Recess, on the first Monday after Easter Monday, and will end on the 31st day of July of each year.

    4. Where 31st July of a year is a non-working day, the Second Term will end on the last working day before the 31st of July of that year. This will be followed by a sixweek Long Vacation which will end on the third Tuesday of September.

    5. There is now established a three-day Continuing Judicial Education period commencing on the third Wednesday of September of every year, during which Judges/Magistrates and Registrars must attend seminars and workshops organised for greater efficiency.

    6. The Third Term will begin on the last Monday of September, and will end on the 22nd of December of every year.

    7. The Christmas Recess which commences on the 23rd of December of each year, will end on the 3rd .January.

2. The following dates are set out in the Supreme Court/Court of Appeal Calendar for 2020- 2023.



FIRST TERM Monday 4 January – Thursday 1 April, 2021

Easter Recess Good Friday 2 April -9 April, 2021

SECOND TERM Monday 12 April – Friday 30 July, 2021

Long Vacation Monday 2nd August – Tuesday 21 September, 2021

CONTINUING JUDICIAL EDUCATION Wednesday 22nd September -Friday 24th September, 2021

THIRD TERM Monday 27th September – Wednesday 22 December, 2021

Christmas Recess 23 December, 2021 – 3 January 2022


3. 2022 CALENDAR

FIRST TERM Tuesday 4 January 2022– Thursday 14 April, 2022

Easter Recess Good Friday 15 April 2022 – 22 April, 2022

SECOND TERM Monday 25 April 2022 – Friday 29 July, 2022

Long Vacation Monday 1 August 2022 – Tuesday 20th September, 2022

CONTINUING JUDICIAL EDUCATION Wednesday 21 September 2022 – Friday 23rd
September, 2022

THIRD TERM Monday 26th September 2022 – Thursday 22nd December, 2022

Christmas Recess Friday 23 December, 2022 – 3 January, 2023


4. 2023 CALENDAR

FIRST TERM 4 January 2023– Thursday 6 April, 2023

Easter Recess Good Friday 7 April 2023 – Friday 14 April, 2023

SECOND TERM Monday 17 April 2023 – Friday 28 July, 2023

Long Vacation Tuesday 1 August 2023 – Tuesday 19 September, 2023

CONTINUING JUDICIAL EDUCATION Wednesday 20 September– Friday 22nd September, 2023

THIRD TERM Monday 25th September – Friday 22nd December, 2023

Christmas Recess Saturday 23 December, 2023 – Wednesday 3 January, 2024



In order to bring the provisions of the Supreme Court (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 which came into force on 1st November 2020 into effect, and to transition the Supreme Court onto a Term Calendar, there will be a Christmas Recess in 2020 which begins on 22nd December 2020, and ends on the 3rd of January 2021.




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