Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal currently sits in sessions on Providenciales and the Court is made up of at least 3 Judges of Appeal.

It has the jurisdiction assigned to it by the Court of Appeal Ordinance. It considers appeals from the Supreme Court and the Labour Tribunal. It also sits as a Constitutional Court, considering questions that may be referred to it by the Attorney General under the Attorney General’s Reference of Questions Ordinance.

In its civil jurisdiction, the Court of Appeal may hear and determine appeals from any judgment or order of the Supreme Court given or made in civil proceedings, or to order a new trial if the Court thinks fit (s 4 Court of Appeal Ordinance).

In its criminal jurisdiction, a person convicted on information in the Supreme Court may appeal to the Court of Appeal against his conviction on a question of law alone, with leave from the Supreme Court, on any ground of appeal which involves a question of fact alone or of mixed law or fact, and with the leave of the Court of Appeal, against the sentence passed on his conviction unless the sentence is one fixed by law (s 6 4 Court of Appeal Ordinance).